Tbilisi Marathon 2017 Cancelled

Tbilisi Marathon 2017, which would have been the sixth this year, has been cancelled, the official joint statement of Tbilisi Marathon and Heidelberg Cement Company, published on Tbilisi Marathon’s Facebook Page stated. The event was scheduled for October 22.

The statement, quoting the deputy head of Tbilisi City Hall, reads: “Due to ongoing road constructions around the Tbilisi Marathon race route, blocking off the roads will cause traffic jams in the city and discontent among some citizens”.

Following the information given in the statement, Tbilisi City hall offered two alternatives to the marathon organizers; to start the event at 7am or change the event location.  It has been noted that Heildelberg Cement and the Tbilisi Marathon team informed Tbilisi City hall on the route and date of the upcoming planned event several times in November of 2016, in January 2017, April 2017, and September 2017.

The alternatives, according to the information announced on the Tbilisi Marathon’s Facebook page, were declined by the organizers, explaining that “2 hours before the race, runners show up at the start and finish area to get their bib numbers or hand over personal belongings. Starting the event at 05:00 is impossible, too early, and does not correspond to any standards,” the explanation says. As for changing the location, the announcement says: “In 2015, Tbilisi Marathon became a member of AIMS and Mika Timing „Official Timekeeping and Data Processing” is the company who ensures the safe and fair timekeeping during the race. In 2016, due to some small changes, Tbilisi Marathon race course was once again measured by AIMS. It is absolutely impossible to measure the course (a new location) 6 days before the race and it is also impossible to use systems, which are specifically chosen for a certain course, for a new location.”  

Tbilisi Marathon Organizers and Heidelberg Cement point out that the decision of cancelling the event was made against their will, and they apologize to all the registered participants, sponsors, and people who have supported them for the six years of its creation.

By Nino Gugunishvili

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16 October 2017 23:56