Ghana Disputes Score of Football Match with Uganda

The wave of protest began in the second part of the game due to a denied penalty. Mr. Bennett (the referee) saw how Frank Acheampong fell down after being hit in the box. 

However, in his opinion, no penalty had to be assigned, and the teams kept fighting for a place in the Football World Cup. 

Another controversial moment fueled the players of Ghana with a greater feeling of injustice. The 93rd minute could have brought a goal for Ghana, but the referee denied it. He said that Raphael Dwamena had scored an offside goal when the time was over. According to Yen newsagency, the Ghana Football Association officially declared that they are determined to appeal against the decision. The GFA didn’t wait for long, and sent the protest to FIFA right away after the game. 

It is quite serious for the teams, as the 0—0 draw put an end to Ghana’s hope to come to Russia. However, there is still a chance for Uganda if Congo Brazzaville gains a victory over Egypt. 

By Olga Galytska.

18 October 2017 15:20