Rugby: Georgia to Play Canada, Wales and USA This Month

Georgia’s November test matches will be against Canada, Wales and the USA. Following the first game against Canada on the 11th, the test window will run for three weekends. Wales are set to be played on their home ground at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, while Canada and USA will be taken on at Tbilisi’s Dinamo Arena and Vake Stadium respectively. 

Two out of three of the nations are currently below Georgia, 12th, on the official World Rugby Rankings board. Canada are 12 places below at 24, USA at 17 and Wales are highest at 7. Georgia won their last meeting with Canada back in June this year, with a final score of 15-0. In the same month, the USA conceded defeat against Georgia with a final score of 17-21. It is the first time that Wales will meet Georgia in a test match, the two sides are also set to face each other during the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

By Tom Day

01 November 2017 17:37