Constant Monitoring in Accordance with Environmental and Economic Interests

Considering the environmental recommendations of the National Program, the company “Georgian Manganese” has installed ambient air monitoring systems in residential areas near to its ferroalloy plant in Zestafoni. In order for an Air Quality Monitoring Station to be set up in the Plant, first of all, all the pre-conditions had to be created which would reduce industrial waste dispersal. Once the air filtration systems were completely upgraded in the main production areas of the Plant, and measures had been successfully taken to eliminate environmental pollution, management officially set a course towards introducing the latest technological advances in order to study atmospheric air quality.

The ferroalloy plant of Georgian Manganese set itself the aim to protect these norms and standards within a permanent monitoring framework and by implementing a special laboratory to study air pollution.

Aside from the company’s representatives, the presentation of the new Air Quality Monitoring Station was attended by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, Gigla Agulashvili, the Governor of Imereti region, Givi Chichinadze, parliamentarians, members of NGOs, and local government representatives.

That day, the presentation of the Air Quality Monitoring Station in Zestafoni was not the only novelty from the company to establish a clean and healthy local environment, as Georgian Manganese presented to the town an 11-tonne motorized street cleaner.

Gigla Agulashvili, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection: “This is a significant achievement in terms of environmental measures not only for the Ferroalloy Plant but for the Zestafoni population as a whole.

This initiative of the Plant management, I think, is an example to those enterprises which disperse industrial waste into the environment.

Velvel Lozynsky of Georgian Manganese: “We went through the most difficult years of technical and technological transformation in order to achieve a stable production mode at Georgian Manganese and to improve the social background and solve the key problematic issues of environmental protection, the lack of which in the past harmed the company’s image. Today we can say we have chosen the right course. We are establishing one of the most important confirmations of this process- the new Air Quality Monitoring Station in Zestafoni. We will start the realization of the next stage of alignment to European standards when the factory’s gas cleaning economy will be equipped with the latest modulation filters. Further, we plan to install the same systems of monitoring in our Plant in Chiatura.”

Rusudan Abashidze

30 July 2015 21:35