Book Museum Opens at Tbilisi National Library

One of the biggest Book Museums in the Caucasus region opened at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia in Tbilisi today, regarded as one of the largest projects in this area for decades; showcasing the permanent exposition of the rare book collections in the country. The exhibition is divided in four parts, representing a museum of rare books, with a Georgian-Italian dictionary published in 1629 as one of its exponents, or books printed by Georgian King Vakhtang the VI's typography. The second part is the Knight in the Panther’s Skin museum, with existing publications of the poem in Georgian as well as foreign languages. The third is Ilia’s hall, exposition of the Ilia Chavchavadze cabinet, with his private belongings and library, with the fourth part being the Marie Brosset book depository. 

The first ever Book Museum in Georgia has over 19,000 rare books. The original idea of opening a book museum in Georgia is said to come from Galaktion Tabidze, the famous Georgian poet, whose birthday is today. This coincided with the book museum opening at the National Parliamentary Library. 

“It’s an incredible historic heritage which defines our national identity, and showing it to others, not only tourists, but Georgians as well, because many people in our country don’t know what books are kept at the National Library, is a pivotal thing to do.” Giorgi Kekelidze, Director of the National Library, said in one of his TV interviews. “It really is a historic day,” He said, adding that the newly opened book museum is a permanent exposition space, with more publications to be added over some period of time, and new exhibitions from abroad to be added.

By Nino Gugunishvili

17 November 2017 13:45