Georgian Wine Ranked In Top 13 Orange Wines

According to the Independent UK, Georgian wine is in the top 13 of the best orange wines in the world. Georgia is the oldest wine region in the world and the best region to produce wine is in Kakheti.

 Orange wines- named for their colour rather than content- are white wines made using the same methods and principles as red. The skins of the grapes are left on, producing tannins and leaving the wine spicier, herbier and drier than most other wines. Made by small, dedicated producers, most of them don’t come cheap, but they are becoming more well-known.

 The name of the wine in the top 13 is called Tbilvino.

 The independent article wrote: “Tbilvino Qvevris 2011: £9, - M&S has entered the market with a medium-priced Georgian wine produced by fermenting the grape juice and skins in large clay jars known as Qvevri. Dry, spicy and a good match for a seafood platter, the price tag also makes it a good one to start with.”

 The rest of the wines shown are: Cos Pithos Bianco 2012 (a Sicilian wine), 2. Serragghia Bianco Zibibbo (an Italian wine), Weingut Sepp & Maria Muster Erde 2012 (an Austrian wine) and others. 

Nina Ioseliani

31 July 2015 12:45