Bibilov Says Breakaway South Ossetia Belongs to Russia

Self-proclaimed president of Georgia’s breakaway region South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov says he is a “staunch supporter” of South Ossetia's entry into the Russian Federation, adding it is place where South Ossetia belongs.

He said that South Ossetia should return to Russia and unite with North Ossetia.
"This is a historical injustice, when one nation is divided, and we must correct this injustice," Bibilov said.

The so called president added that Tskhinvali has lived apart from Russia for 80 years, adding South Ossetia factually is Russia.

“We are Russian citizens, our economy is tied to Russia, salaries and programs are financedfrom the Russian budget," he added.

However, the Russian-backed separatist region leader added that he respects the opinion of those who are for preserving the independent status of the Republic.

“But those who sincerely support the independence of South Ossetia should think about why their point of view coincides with the position of Georgia, which is also against the Republic's joining the Russian Federation," Bibilov stated.

The Russian Federation, followed by Nauru, Nicaragua and Venezuela, recognized independence of South Ossetia and the other breakaway region of Georgia – Abkhazia, after Georgia-Russia August war 2008.

By Thea Morrison

29 December 2017 00:47