Leading Marketing Specialists to Join in International Digital Conference

This weekend Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi is gearing up to become venue for dozens of PR and marketing specialists from Georgia and abroad to share their knowledge and skills.

On 15th- 16th August more than 30 speakers from The US, The United Kingdom (UK), Ukraine, Russia and Georgia will share their experience in digital communication, public relations and IT at the international conference named Future Georgia.

The founder of popular Russian video sharing website Coub, the leading marketing strategist in Yandex, Cannes Lions award winners, leading creators of international advertising agencies and others are invited to be among the speakers.

“We are going to share best practices of digital marketing, branding, media and communication and ignite the innovation and knowledge economy, building connections and telling the world about the success of Georgia and its potential ,” Future Georgia’s website reports.

The organizers offer various recommendations why should you be there. Besides the fact the conference is free to attend, it’s free to learn from the great experience of speakers and it’s free to develop your skills by taking part in round table discussions.

Registration for the event is free. Click here to register.

Tamar Svanidze

12 August 2015 19:30