Ban Ki Moon Concerned over Continuing “Borderization” of Georgian Territory

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is concerned over the ongoing “borderization” process in the breakaway South Ossetian (Tskhinvali Region) and Abkhazian regions - Stéphane Dujarric, Ban Ki Moon’s spokesperson stated at a press conference of August 12.

“The UN Secretary General calls on all parties to continue using existing means, including Geneva international discussions and incident prevention and reaction mechanisms in order to discuss all the issues that cause concern. Fulfillment of 2008 Ceasefire Agreement is among them,”the spokesman declared.

At the same time, a Head of Georgia’s Permanent Mission to the UN, Kakha Imnadze has called on international community to continue exerting pressure on Russia. Imnadze claims about Russia’s continued creeping occupation in Georgia and the so-called agreements signed with Georgia’s breakaway regions confirm this.

“The six-point agreement was signed seven years ago but 20% of Georgia’s territory still remains occupied, human rights are violated as a result and thousands of Georgian civilians are now without their homes” – the Ambassador said.

He maintained that Russia does not fulfill its commitments. “Besides, 10,000 Russian soldiers, heavy military vehicles and equipment are currently present in the occupied territory and installation of barbed wire fences in the region continues. I would like to call on the international community to continue pressuring Russia in order for the latter to fulfill its commitments,”

Not surprisingly, one local resident Mamuka Samkharadze aged 36 have been abducted by the so-called Russian border guards in the village of Kirbali of Gori municipality. Report says Samkharadze has been moved to Tskhinvali prison and there is no information available for his family yet about his conditions.

13 August 2015 16:04