CNN Suggests 9 Reasons to Visit Georgia Now

For those who have not been visited Georgia yet, CNN recommends nine reasons why one should pack and pay a visit to the beautiful country.

Once you have decided to visit Georgia you will find diversity of choices in a “menu”. To enjoy with old and historical capital city Tbilisi, explore Europe’s highest village Ushguli and a birthplace of ancient wine region, discover the most unusual cave cities in Europe, remote villages and bizarre museums, taste Georgian food and wine and enjoy warm hospitality of Georgian people are among the nine reasons which encourage you to spend holidays in Georgia.

As CNN’s website emphasized the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is a country shrouded in mystery.

“Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and dry deserts to the south, this small country, which borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, is not only a crossroad of cultures, but has a wealth of spectacular landscapes,” CNN reports.

Here are CNN’s nine reasons to visit Georgia now.

1. Tbilisi: An eclectic melting pot

From the hanging balconies in the crumbling Old Tbilisi district and the Persian-style sulfur baths clad in turquoise mosaics, to unique art nouveau buildings falling into disrepair sitting side by side with futuristic glass structures, Tbilisi is a city that inspires.

2. Ushguli: Europe's highest village

Sitting at the foot of Mount Shkhara, Georgia's highest point, Ushguli is famous for the medieval defensive towers connected to each house.

3. The birthplace of wine

When we think of the origin of wine we tend to think of France, Italy, Greece or Persia, but Georgia is in fact one of the world's oldest wine regions.

4. Mysterious cave cities
Georgia is home to some of the most unusual cave cities in Europe. By themselves, they're reason alone to visit the country.

5. Supra: A traditional Georgian feast

One of the best ways to get to know the country is through its food. In fact, if you haven't tried a Georgian "supra," or feast, you haven't experienced Georgia.

6. Remote mountain villages
The remote regions of Khevsureti and Tusheti in the Caucasus Mountains are home to spectacular medieval villages with small communities that still retain their ancient pagan traditions.

7. Europe's most surreal museum

To learn about the life of Old Joe, visit Stalin's hometown, Gori, and the bizarre Joseph Stalin Museum.

8. Beautiful and ancient churches
Georgia adopted Christianity back in 324 AD and the country is full of spectacular churches and cathedrals in incredible locations.

9. The people and Georgian hospitality
For Georgians, a guest is a sacred thing and they will often go out of their way to help you.

20 May 2016 18:07