Georgian Government to Continue Grape Subsidies

Minister of Agriculture, Otar Danelia, following a meeting with Georgian wine and alcoholic drinks producers in Georgia, also attended by the head of the Georgian Wine Agency, Giorgi Samanishvili, announced that the Georgian government will subsidize grapes.

Danelia stated that the exact details of the subsidy arrangement will be confirmed in the coming days.

Last year the Government allocated a subsidy for white grapes of 35 tetri per kilogram and red grapes at 15 tetri per kilogram.

The minister noted that this year Georgia’s grape harvest will increase by at least 30% due to, he claims, different government initiatives, such as the anti-hail system.

Danelia was also questioned about the potential Russian embargo. Earlier, the RIA Novosty information agency reported that Russia’s Consumer Rights Protection Service Rospotrebnadzor had been making allegations of safety violations on the part of Georgian wine producers.

The Minister noted that the Russian authorities have not taken any official decision on this matter.

“We are not aware of any official information or decision taken in Russia. The barriers which have been related to cargo, they do not exist anymore; as far as we have been informed, trucks have passed customs without any difficulties. Trade is also continued in the same regime. Nothing outstanding has happened, in principle. We plan to intensify cooperation and we do not expect any problem at this stage,” Danelia noted.

Nino Japarashvili

13 August 2015 22:58