Wall Street Journal Writes about Georgia's NAPR

New York’s Wall Street Journal published an article on the National Agency of Public Registry of Georgia, among other related subjects, dedicated to the development of technology.

The article, published by Wall Street Journal on March 6, reviews the National Agency of Public Registry, the implementation of blockade technology and the projects that are set to use the blockade technology in real estate deals in Sweden and the United States in future.

Over the last year, the National Agency of Public Registry has used Blockchain technology to store information on real estate, including purchase / sale of property or mortgage registration.

The next goal of the Agency is to introduce smart contracts that will ensure real estate transactions in digital format.

“This gives us the opportunity to offer the service to citizens abroad,” said Papuna Ugrekhelidze, Chairman of the National Agency of Public Registry. “The country has recently adopted a law on electronic signatures and is working on other regulations related to blocking technology,” he was quoted as saying in the Wall Street Journal.

Nia Pataraia

12 March 2018 19:25