Foreign Policy: Surprise! Ukraine Loves NATO

Popular American Magazine Foreign Policy (FP) assumes that for the first time in its post-Soviet history, a majority of Ukrainians’ approve of their country joining NATO. “The drastic change of attitude marks a sea of change in Ukrainians’ attitudes toward the security alliance even as it poses a palpable challenge for the country’s infantile political class”.

The article by FP recalls a recent poll by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation which made headlines in Ukraine: 64 percent of respondents said they would vote for NATO accession in a hypothetical referendum. (Only 28 percent would oppose.) This result marks a landslide and rapid shift in Ukrainians’ perception of the European security architecture. In 2009, only 21 percent of Ukrainians’ said they supported NATO accession, while almost 60 percent were against.” As recently as the fall of 2013, before the Euromaidan revolution, two-thirds of Ukrainians’ couldn’t envisage Ukraine being part of NATO – it maintains.

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14 August 2015 16:08