Armenia Tightens Control on Beef Import from Georgia

Armenia has temporarily blocked any import of meat from Georgia for personal consumption, following a recent outbreak of anthrax in the country.

The State Service for Food Safety of Armenia’s Agricultural Ministry toughened controls over meat products imported to the country last week.

The Service released a statement which highlighted that from 5th to 19th August the import of cattle meat for personal use in Armenia has been banned from the borderline checkpoints of Bagratashen, Bavra and Gogovani between Georgia and Armenia.

The decision was made to prevent entry of anthrax into the territory of Armenia, the Food Safety Service reported.

Last week Armenia reported on the infection of two of the country’s citizens with anthrax. It was confirmed that the source of the infection was beef purchased in the area of Ninotsminda in Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia, which neighbors Armenia.

“On 4th August, the Service received a report that a patient diagnosed with anthrax was treated in the Nork hospital. During the course of activities carried out by employees of the Service, it was determined that the source of infection was outside the country and the cause of the disease was meat imported for personal use,” The Food Safety Service website reported.

The Service confirmed the cause of anthrax was not fixed in Armenia and warns its citizens not to buy meat from dubious outlets.

Tamar Svanidze


14 August 2015 19:26