Georgian Citizen Released from Tskhinvali Isolator

Mamuka Samkharadze who was illegally jailed by Russian Occupants at Tskhinvali Occupation line, is freed. National TV Company Rustavi 2 reports the Georgian citizen who spent 5 days in Tskhinvali isolator has been released after his family paid 150 Lari ($65) as a fine on the ‘unlawful’ crossing of the so-called border.

According to Samkharadze, the native of the village Karbali (Gori region), there was no violence exerted on him and he feels healthy. “We passed the long way to free him from the prison and finally we paid 150 Lari for this” – the family of the ex-prisoner says.

Russian creeping occupation in Georgia continues. Georgian citizens are kidnapped and jailed on a daily basis by Russian Occupants. 

15 August 2015 18:59