Tbilisi among 10 Best European Destinations in 2015

Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi an attractive hybrid of architecture, customs and traditions is among the best 10 European destination to visit in 2015.

A London based website Time Out, which provides editorial recommendations to 89 cities worldwide include Tbilisi among the best 10 new European destination in 2015.

As the website highlighted that most well-travelled cities like Paris and Barcelona are magnificent and attractive, but for a sense of ‘deep Europe’, the website suggests heading for the destinations that blend beauty, charisma and room to breathe in exactly the right quantities.

“Straddling the border between historical empires, Georgia’s capital is an alluring hybrid of architecture, customs and traditions, whose enduring anonymity on the tourism scene makes it all the more special for those who do visit,” the Time Out writer Alex Dudok de Wit wrote.

He also added that while Tbilisi sloughs off its Soviet veneer and tries to return to the West, its cultural diversities are again becoming available to the adventurous traveler.

There’s never been a better time to go! 

Tamar Svanidze

17 August 2015 11:20