Georgia to Host Investment Forum Batumi 2015

Georgia has rightly proved to be ready for hosting another successful investment forum. 

September 18th is already marked on the calendars of international investors, since, Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown together with Georgian National Investment Agency and the government of Autonomous Republic of Ajara are planning to organize “Investment Forum, Batumi 2015” at the Hilton Hotel Batumi in the Black Sea Region.

The aim of this forum is to provide an intensive dialogue between international investors and Georgian counterparts, with the view of efficient future cooperation.

Local and foreign investors, regional and central government representatives, and business organizations are coming together to discuss various topics, including investment projects, proposals, investment climate characteristics and expanding the commercial real estate and hotel development sector, that has proved to be in demand for many years in Georgia.

“In recent years, Batumi has become not only a major tourism center of the Black Sea region, but it’s also most attractive investment destination. This has resulted in a growing interest towards the whole Adjara region from both foreign and local investors. The forum will provide potential investors with an opportunity to get familiarized with Georgia’s attractive investment environment, as the foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow is the main priority for both central and regional governments,” the Minister of Finance and Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara David Baladze said.

A similar forum was organized in London during May 2015, by Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown together with the Georgian National Investment Agency, and the event has definitely showed reported success. Georgia demonstrated to be an opportunistic market for investment and gained further international recognition as a competitive country to invest in.

“On behalf of Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown, we fully support the initiatives to bring additional investments to Georgia and look forward to a successful business forum on September 18,” the Managing Partner at Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown Steve Brown said.

He added that “meanwhile, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the main priorities for Georgia. Thus a flexible investment environment, tax and legislative benefits, simplified company registration procedures, liberalized manufacturing regulations and a positive approach to foreign investors, is the big step forward for attracting FDI to Georgia.”

It is obvious, that this specific and other similar investment forums, will lead to Georgia’s further economic success, and undoubtedly this shall assist global investors to enter the Georgian market, increasing demand for various real estate properties, form new enterprises and hospitality related services, and also the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects; this shall lead Georgia towards a progressive development and vast economic success.

“Georgia has a fair, transparent and secure investment environment, a vast untapped potential in different sectors of the economy, excellent geographic location and free trade agreements with strategically important countries. But, still to this day, one of the main challenges for Georgia is awareness at international levels. These is why, large-scale business events inside and outside the country are very important for attracting more companies to Georgia.

With the help of the “Batumi 2015” investment forum we aim to bring a closer attention to the advantages and business opportunities in our country. “Director of the Georgian National Investment Agency Giorgi Pertaia said,

According to Pertaia the Forum will bring together up to 250 business decision makers and investors from the region.

“ They will have direct access to the representatives of government, consulting companies and organizations providing access to finance and we are sure that this will be a productive platform for engaging investors from the wider region into some large and medium-sized commercial projects in Georgia.” Pertaia said.

One thing that is clear is that Georgia has demonstrated repeated readiness to serve as a positive investment environment, therefore September 18th, is a significant date in the Georgian investment climate.

So Ready, Steady, Go Georgia.

18 August 2015 16:04