State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality under Cyber Attack

On Tuesday, 18th August the State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality said its website was hacked.

The Ministry said it has temporarily taken down the and it is not accessible as of today.

Hackers replaced the State Ministry homepage with a page showing an animated image of a nose-picking anime character. It also showed messages in English, such as: “Your site has been hacked”.

In the last two years the Georgian government has experienced constant cyber attacks.

The website of the Ministry of Agriculture has been hacked twice since December 2014.

The website of the Parliament came under cyber attack in January 2014.

The Environment Ministry website was hacked in March 2014

And the State Ministry for Diaspora was attacked in January 2015.

Early last month the website of the State Ministry for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration was also hacked with a message on its page reading: “Hacked by Cyber Islamic State”.

Nino Japarashvili

19 August 2015 16:55