Tinatin Khidasheli: August War Triggered by NATO Rejection

“The war of August 2008 occurred as NATO rejected its enlargement,” Tinatin Khidasheli, Georgia’s Defense Minister emphasized on her visit to the United States Institute of Peace.

According to the Minister, the decision of NATO not to expand was perceived by Russia as a green light to launch military activities in Georgia.

“Subsequently, in 2009 the [world] began to forget about all of this and started discussions with Russia anew, a fresh partnership,” she underlined adding Russia was once again considered a partner. “However, since the Ukrainian developments took place, it is obvious that no partnership with the Russian side is possible,” she concluded.

Within the visit, the Defense Minister discussed Russian military activity on Georgian territory around the occupation line of Tskhinvali Region [formerly South Ossetia]. 

20 August 2015 16:31