Prominent Georgian Ballet Dancer Giorgi Mshvenieradze Dies in Lake Accident

One of the most celebrated dancers of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theater has tragically died in an accident in a lake in Pankisi Gorge.

Ballet dancer Giorgi Mshvenieradze, 25, passed away yesterday at the Khadori Lake waterfall. According to the Emergency Management Agency at the Ministry of Internal Affairs he slipped and fell while taking photos, went into the water and drowned.

The emergency services managed to recover his body from the water, but it was too late.

Today, Georgia’s Ministry of Culture has issued a statement expressing condolences over the death of the young dancer.

The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia expresses deep sorrow for the tragic death of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theater's principal dancer Giorgi Mshvenieradze and express sympathy to his family and loved ones,” the statement said.

Mshvenieradze graduated from the Vakhtang Chabukiani Ballet School in 2007 and in the same year was enrolled in the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theater.
In 2010-2014 he participated in the Bournonville Summer Academy.

In 2002, he received a diploma in the nomination “Best Debut” at the International Ballet Competition Chabukiani-Balanchine.

In 2014 he was awarded a silver medal in classical choreography and a gold medal in modern choreography at the Riga Ballet Competition “Riga Spring”.


Tamar Svanidze

20 August 2015 16:43