ProCredit Bank 24/7 Zones: Change the Way You Look at Banking!

A modern and comfortable design, state-of-the-art technologies and access to banking services at any time of day or night is what you will find at all branches of ProCredit Bank. The newly redesigned 24/7 Zones at the Tbilisi and Batumi branches provide a welcoming, attractive environment tailored to maximise clients comfort.

These 24/7 Zones are distinguished by their unique interior design, which combines a business environment with art and nature.

In addition to the fully integrated design, the state-of-the-art technologies and machines in the self-service areas make it easy and efficient to use banking services round the clock.

Cash deposits/withdrawals, money transfers, access to Internet Banking, and the permanent readiness and support of our Contact Center Personal Assistants are only a small list of the services that are available via ProCredit Bank’s innovative machines in the 24/7 Zones.

Given today’s fast pace of life, customers have less time to queue in bank branches during standard working hours; the 24/7 Zones therefore constitute an important component of modern banking.

As a European bank, ProCredit offers its customers full independence to conduct banking operations in an exquisite environment at its 24/7 self-service areas.

19 April 2018 20:35