Russia Today Journalist Voices Anti-Georgia Messages at Embassy in UK

Graham Phillips, the person who calls himself a British journalist, broke into the Embassy of Georgia in the United Kingdom, where the ambassador and the guests were attending the exhibition of Gia Bughadze, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Georgia-Russia August war 2008.

Philips, who is the journalist working for Russian TV station Russia Today (RT) and also Sputnik, called the attendees “NATO Zombies” and accused the embassy of Georgian propaganda.

The British national arrived at the exhibition with a camera and called Georgia “an aggressor country,” accusing it of starting war against the locals of Georgia’s breakaway regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which are backed by Russia.

Tamar Karelidze, who witnessed the actions of the so called journalist, believes it is the part of a Russian propaganda.

“He was calling us fascists…He wanted to stage a provocation and then accuse Georgians of aggression,” she stated.

The ambassador of Georgia to the UK, Tamar Beruchashvili also witnessed the incident. She told Radio Tbilisi that the journalist of RT and Sputnik has published an article which refers Georgia as “aggressor” state.

"We have experienced Russian aggression. The embassy has become a victim of the Russian aggression because all of a sudden, this man broke into the embassy with a camera and was shouting at us. This is Russian propaganda,” she stated.

As reported, the man was arrested by law enforcers and taken away, after he refused to calm down and leave the embassy.

Graham Phillips is well known for his blatant pro-Russian, anti-Georgian and anti-Ukrainian position, and has been pictured wearing Russian militant uniform and militant symbols, also holding a weapon in his hands on more than one occasion.

By Thea Morrison

Video source: Tamar Lobjanidze

08 August 2018 18:00