25 Candidates to Run for President

Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) announced at the briefing on September 23 that 25 candidates will take part in Presidential Elections, including 19 submitted by political parties and 6 by initiative groups.

46 applications were submitted to the Central Election Commission in total, 20 applications from political parties and 26 applications from initiative groups requesting to be registered as presidential candidates. According to the CEC, one initiative group did not correct an error in the electoral documentation and one political party was not registered by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, and as such, both were refused participation in the election to nominate a candidate. Also, 19 initiative groups did not present the required list of supporters.

The final list of presidential candidates is as follows:

  1. Davit Bakradze – European Georgia
  2. Mikheil Saluashvili – Union of Justice Restoration of the Nation: The Lord Is Our Truth– N28
  3. Zviad Baghdavadze – Civil Platform – New Georgia N27
  4. Shalva Natelashvili – Labor Party of Georgia N10
  5. Irakli Gorgadze – Movement for Free Georgia N23
  6. Grigol Vashadze – United National Movement N5
  7. Giorgi Liluashvili – Party Georgia N17
  8. Salome Zurabishvili – Initiative group of voters N48
  9. Zviad Mekhatishvili – Christian-Conservative Party of Georgia N13
  10. Vakhtang Gabunia – Christian-Democratic Movement N4
  11. Davit Usupashvili – Free Democrats N25
  12. Besarion Tediashvili – Initiative group of voters N49
  13. Levan Chkheidze – New Christian-Democrats N40
  14. Zviad Iashvili – National-Democratic Party N30
  15. Zurab Japaridze – Girchi N 36
  16. Akaki Asatiani – Georgian Traditionalists Union N18
  17. Gela Khutsishvili – Political Movement of the Veterans and Patriots of Georgia N35
  18. Kakha Kukava – Free Georgia N21
  19. Tamar Tskhoragauli – Political Movement Freedom – Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s Way N31
  20. Giorgi Andriadze – Initiative group of voters N51
  21. Vladimer Nonikashvili – Initiative group of voters N62
  22. Kakhaber Tchitchinadze – Initiative group of voters N58
  23. Mikheil Antadze – Movement State for People N1
  24. Otar Meunargia – Industry Will Save Georgia N22
  25. Teimuraz Shashiashvili – Initiative group of voters N65

The presidential elections will take place on October 28.

By Thea Morrison


24 September 2018 06:40