Kakha Kaladze on the First Round of the Election

At a press conference in the Georgia Dream office, Georgian Dream's secretary general Kakha Kaladze stated that presidential election served as a message from the people that much needs to be changed in Georgia.  Thanking Georgian citizens, observers, foreign partners, international organizations, law enforcement officers, election administration and media for taking civic responsibility and voting, Kaladze was grateful to those taking part in this year’s election.  

With the end of the first round, Kaladze was appreciative of the voters as well as the democratic electoral system of Georgia.  The two rounds and the Georgian democracy demonstrate that “The Georgian Dream will guarantee that elections will never be rigged in Georgia!” exclaimed Kaladze.  He concluded by stating that “Most importantly, this election was a message sent by people that a lot of things need to be changed in the country quickly and efficiently, by taking into consideration the interest of every citizen.”  

By Shirin Mahdavi

29 October 2018 18:30