Pro-Russian Protesters Attack Free Zone Member

Yesterday Erekle II Society, a pro-Russian group in Tbilisi, organised an event near the Presidential Palace in Avlabari. They demanded the refurbishment of diplomatic relations with Russia.

The estimated 150 people also claimed relations with Russia “should be normalised and Georgia should declare neutrality.”

During the event a member of Free Zone, a union of Georgian volunteers for sovereignty and freedom was detained by police. Before his detention, the young citizen protested against the slogans and statements from the protesters at the event. According to a source, there were clashes between him and pro-Russian individuals, however the police intervened quickly.

A number of pro-Russian ‘non-governmental’ organisations are operating in Tbilisi and various other regions in Georgia. The unions are believed to be supported by the Kremlin and are carrying out the Russian government’s interests. Currently the Georgian government has not taken any measures against these groups. 

25 September 2015 14:39