From NY: Garibashvili on the Stage

This year the United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary of existence. The opening week of the General Assembly began with the presentation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

On September 26th, Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, welcomed the Agenda of the 2030 Sustainable Development and named it as a “Transformative and ambitious journey” and the “Pathway to the future,” stating that to achieve it, the world should “stand together”.

In his speech, the PM discussed four primary goals that the Government of Georgia has been concerned with within the framework of the document:

- Goal No. 3 – “Insurance of healthy life”

- Goal No. 7 – “Accessibility of Georgian people to reliable and sustainable energy”

- Goal No. 9 – “Building resilient infrastructure”

- Goal No. 16 – “Promoting a peaceful and inclusive society”

PM Garibashvili declared that the Government of Georgia, along with international partners, will continue to work towards achieving the goals on its own path of development. He argued that achieving success in the above-mentioned goals “must affect” people living in the two occupied territories of Georgia.

Within the framework of the 70th General Assembly, PM Garibashvili also attended several High Ministerial Level meetings, participated in interactive dialogue on protecting earth and climate changes as well as a conference addressing women and gender equality. He expressed the country’s deep concern regarding the above-mentioned issues, emphasizing the definite progress achieved and promised further improvements in the future.

Furthermore, PM Garibashvili took part in The Leaders’ Summit on Countering ISIL and Violent Extremists hosted by President Obama, and joined world leaders in their fight against extremism and terror.

On September 28th, during his speech on the UN summit of peacekeeping organized by President Obama, the Georgian PM announced the readiness of Georgian soldiers to take part in UN Peacekeeping missions, which will supposedly raise the role of the country at the international level.

The period of General Assembly is considered to be one of the most active and busy periods for global leaders to present their interests to the international community. The bilateral as well as multilateral meetings between the leaders are the venues for leaders to exchange their political motivations. The Georgian delegations have been active in arranging meetings with the leaders from every part of the world. It needs to be mentioned that the outcome of such dialogues has always been associated with progress- as in the past, it was a platform that allowed Georgia to gain support for Georgia’s resolutions on IDP’s from Caribbean and African countries, which had been previously held back.

The Georgian delegation concluded its visit on October 1st, with the Prime Minister addressing the General Assembly, and using this venue once again to promote and discuss the needs of Georgia.

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Vakhtang Tsereteli

01 October 2015 20:00