Occupied Abkhazia Re-opens ‘Border’ after 26 Days

The European Monitoring Mission has confirmed that illegally-occupied Abkhazia has re-open its ‘border’ to Georgia. The de-facto Abkhazian government closed the border on January 11 due to the spread of swine flu.

The Tskhinvali ‘border’ to South Ossetia, also closed due to swine flu, remains closed. “Situation unfortunately unchanged,” tweeted Erik Hoeg, head of the Europen Union Monitoring Mission to Georgia, “no people, goods or vehicles crossing since 12/01.”

Georgian Reconciliation Minister Ketevan Tsikhelashvili stated that the Georgian government is acting to try and re-open ‘border’. “The close is absolutely unacceptable,” she said, “creating huge humanitarian problems for locals and particularly those who have small businesses. The de facto leadership actually keeps locals in slavery.”

Commuters may now enter through the Abkhazia-Georgia border, although the acceptance of crossing documents is reported to be reduced.


By Amy Jones

Photo source: Erik Hoeg’s Twitter page

06 February 2019 21:23