Traditional Handmade Georgian Slippers Go International

A Georgian traditional footwear, made predominantly in the country's more remote area's, will hit the international markets soon.

UK based Georgian student, Zuka Alavidze, with his Georgian friends, Giorgi Dodelia, Anano Dodelia, Nino Mamatsashvili and Dimitri Sumbadze came up with the idea to promote crafty handmade slippers.

The technique used to make the product stems from old Georgian traditions and is usually passed down from generation to generation. The traditional footwear is usually made from wool.

Alavidze calls his product Bebbo, the Georgian word for Grandmother, to honor the women who are known to craft the slippers.

“As our primary objective is to make Georgian traditions world known, we will be offering only traditional patterns to our customers on our website. Customers will be able to choose their favorite patterns and colors, so that Bebbos are truly unique and fully customizable.” Alavidze said.

The production process of Bebbos is complex and time-consuming.

The process consists of several steps: cleaning the wool, making yarn, dying the yarn, knitting, sewing and finally making the soles.

One of the unique features of this product is that it is 100% natural, even the dye is made from natural sources, such as grass, leaves, trees, and vegetables. 

“We have been very successful in Georgia and now we need your help and support to make Georgian traditions well known. Your support is needed to preserve national traditions. And, as an added bonus, we will introduce you to probably the most comfortable footwear you'll ever wear.” Alavidze said.

06 October 2015 14:48