Kurt Volker: No MAP Expected for Georgia and Ukraine at Warsaw Summit

Former US Ambassador to NATO and McCain University Director Kurt Volker has told Voice of America he does not think Georgia and Ukraine should expect to receive MAP at the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw.

According to Volker if he were in Georgia’s shoes he would try to prepare for the summit as much as possible “as Georgia needs to be ready in case of a NATO or EU expansion.”

Volker also commented on the issue concerning the former Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava’s imprisonment saying “all developments related to Ugulava cannot make Georgia’s friends sure that all this has something to do with the rule of law.

“As for Gigi Ugulava, he spent 14 months in pre-trial detention. Then he was released according to the degree issued by the Constitutional Court but still found guilty within 24 hours. All this cannot make Georgia’s friends sure that this is the rule of law, these are hints to political motivation,” the American expert stated. 

06 October 2015 15:52