US State Department Closely Watching Rustavi 2 Developments

A spokesperson for the Department of State, Marc Toner, has said in response to Rustavi 2 journalist Davut Nikuradze’s question over a US reaction to the latest developments surrounding the television company that the US is closely watching any developments.

Toner stated “I think we urge that any legal proceedings involving a media outlet, regardless of where but certainly in Georgia, be conducted at the highest standards of judicial due process and with respect for freedom of expression.

“More broadly, over the past several years, the United States Government and the international community have praised Georgia’s free and pluralistic media environment which has been recognized internationally as a model for the region. So actions that give the appearance of constricting that environment, constricting media freedoms or compromising that media pluralism are, frankly, disturbing, and especially in the lead up to parliamentary elections. So we therefore, we do take it seriously and we’re watching it.” 

07 October 2015 19:29