Washington Post: Sukhishvilebi, Elegant Tradition Meets Modern Energy

The Georgian National Ballet, founded by Iliko Sukishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945, is still the most popular Georgian folk dance in the world. Over the years Sukhishvilebi has become its own brand of Georgian folk dance, impressing many people.

The Washington Post, an American daily newspaper, recently wrote an article about the Georgian National Ballet. It explains the traditional clothing, the weirdly attractive style of the performance, the moves of the dancing and the music and musicians with their specific instruments.

Sarah L Kaufman, the author of the article stated:

“The dancing started at a brisk clip; there were more than a dozen short pieces, all with costume changes, which meant we saw an array of fur hats, tall boots, belted wool tunics for the men. The women often wore slim-fitting gowns and veiled crowns, like medieval queens.

“Sukhishvili, for all its acrobatics and occasional sword fighting, possesses a refined aesthetic, from the live musicians onstage with drums, flutes, guitar and accordion, to the poise of the dancers, with their lifted, dignified bearing.  The high jumps and whirling turns were exciting”

Photo: Christian Miles

Nina Ioseliani

09 October 2015 19:24