Tbilisi Pride Cancels Sunday’s March

In light of the recent protests in Tbilisi, organizers of Tbilisi Pride have decided to cancel Sunday's planned March.

The team released a statement on Friday evening: ‘In the political situation, we cannot allow ourselves to further escalate the tensions in the country. We will not give pro-Russian, neo-fascist groups the opportunity to weaken Georgia’s statehood.’

Organizers underline the progress that has been made during the lead up to Tbilisi Pride: ‘It should be noted that, in recent years, consultations with the government have been held around a number of policy issues that will continue to improve the status of the LGBTQ community and improve its rights.’

They thanked their supporters in Georgia and around the world. The organizers were pictured at this evening’s protests wearing Pride t-shirts.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Tbilisi Pride

21 June 2019 22:26