Georgian Director Wins at US Documentary Film Festival

A documentary about the school friend of John Lennon, directed by a Georgian, has been nominated for an award in the US.

Rod, Lennon and Me/Story of the Old Photograph by Giorgi Janelidze, won the nomination in the short documentary movies category at Great Lakes International Film Festival in the USA.

Another documentary by the same director, The Girl is Mine, has also been nominated in the same category.

Rod, Lennon and Me/ Story of the Old Photograph tells the story of Rod David, a school friend, and band mate in skiffle band The Quarrymen, of legendary singer-songwriter John Lennon. Davis was later replaced by Paul McCartney when the Beatles were formed.

The story also includes an eye-witness account of the famous July 6th 1957 day that John met Paul, a relatively unknown story. The film is dedicated to what would be the 75th birthday of John Lennon.

Great Lakes International Film Festival annually takes place in Erie City on the banks of one of the biggest lakes in the USA.

The festival is in the top 100 US film festivals and offers opportunities to the creators of independent, small-budget documentary films so they can make their works more popular.


21 October 2015 15:49