Rustavi 2 Chief: Alexi Akhvlediani Governmental Messenger

General Director of Rustavi 2, Nika Gvaramia has hit back at Aleksi Akhvlediani, head of the European Youth Olympic Festival Organization, who delivered a message from the government on Thursday.

The Prosecutor’s office had offered Gvaramia special state protection for him and his family. However he refused, believing that the government has attacked him and saying he no longer trusts them.

According to Gvaramia, a messenger told him that the court on Friday would be making their verdict in favor of Kibar Khalvashi, therefore handing control of Rustavi 2 over to him.

“I was told to remember that I have family members here and that videos showing specific relationships would be published,” Gvaramia revealed in a statement. He also said that he was warned to remember his alleged telephone conversations with ex-president Saakashvili. Gvaramia said he would not step aside however, as otherwise he would be destroyed in the eyes of his colleagues.

Aleksi Akhvlediani himself, who was summoned by the Prosecutor’s office yesterday, commented that he was neither a messenger nor a mediator. He confirmed his meeting with Nika Gvaramia however saying it was because “he’s one of my closest friends and I never abandon friends in difficult situations.”

Akhvlediani told the media he will make more comments after he personally meets Gvaramia, and that then everything will be clear.

23 October 2015 13:21