Saakashvili Sabotage Story being Circulated in Georgian Media

Ukrainian website “Wikileaks Center” has revealed transcripts of a conversation held between ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and former Security Secretary Giga Bokeria at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport on October 22.

The author of the transcript, Kirnik Sergei Mikolaiovich (Кірник Сергій Миколайович), has not presented any evidence, but the story is nonetheless being circulated throughout Georgian media for which reason Georgia Today has chosen to inform its readers.

Georgia Today takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given below.

The leaked conversation is titled "Saakashvili is preparing a coup against Georgia".

Here follows the translated script as released by the Ukrainian Wikileaks today.

Giga Bokeria: The guys are ready for everything but the problem is that there might be casualties.

Mikheil Saakashvili: So what, it’s even better! If Nika Gvaramia [Director of the Rustavi 2 TV station] gets bloody without being badly hurt, it will have more effect and if a woman with a child is beaten, it will be exactly what is needed. Choose someone for this. We will blow this up like a bomb. The attack of the penguin band on free media will shock the whole world. Everything must be recorded. We'll make Gvaramia a hero, while the killing of a young mother will shock the whole world. Your masked boys must disappear invisibly.

According to the transcript, Giga Bokeria tells the ex-President that nobody, even Gvaramia, must be informed of it.

Giga Bokeria: "The scenario is ready, there will be a cameraman from Rustavi 2 and he will record everything. Our people will not touch him. After all this, everybody will invisibly move to Turkey. All this needs 160."

Mikheil Saakashvili: Bezho will solve everything. He’s not in Tbilisi right now. Zura warned him and he will bring his money to you. Due to the attack and victims we will get rid of these bastards! Everybody will see who the offender is. Giga, meet Giorgi (Margvelashvili, President of Georgia). Thank him on behalf of me and ask him to make a statement and to invite ambassadors to discuss the freedom of speech, constitution, etc.

Giga Bokeria: I’ll meet him as soon as I arrive, in the morning. Our plan may actually rescue the TV channel and our Movement. As soon as I get money, we'll start.

According to the transcript, at the end of the conversation, Mikheil Saakashvili asks Giga Bokeria to try to arrange all this before the court hearing and then no trial will be needed.
Giga Bokeria promises him he will do so. He says Judge Urtmelidze was angry at Adeishvili and that’s why he agreed to consider the case.

Giga Bokeria: Our people are in the court and I know how to intimidate them. Zaza Meishvili and Shavliashvili are actively engaged from the Supreme Court. The main thing is to properly fulfill this plan, and as you said, the court will not be needed.

Mikheil Saakashvili: Goodbye Giga, give my apologies to Tamara [wife of Bokeria] that I can’t say goodbye to her.

Giga Bokeria: Sure, have a safe flight!

Once again we would like to remind readers that Georgia Today has chosen to inform its readers of a story circulating the Georgian media. Georgia Today takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given.

Photo: Ukrainian Wikileaks

23 October 2015 21:42