The Washington Post: Rustavi 2 Seizure Possible Blow for Georgian Democracy

The Washington Post published an article concerning current events in Georgia.

"The publication from the editorial board says since the 2012 election led to a peaceful transfer of power rarely seen in former Soviet Eurasia, the Caucasian nation of Georgia has skirted the edges of democratic norms.

“A new government led by a populist billionaire tried to prosecute the election losers, including former president Mikheil Saakashvili, and suppress critics in the media and civil society but it was often restrained by pressure from Western governments, including the European Union, with which Georgia completed an association agreement last year” the article cites.

The publication reviews the ongoing situation in Georgia saying, “with its popularity sinking and a new election due in a year, the ruling Georgian Dream party and its leader, Bidzina Ivanishvili, appear inclined to take more drastic steps.

“A businessman aligned with the party is seeking to seize the country’s most popular television station, which often airs opposition views, and has succeeded in winning a court order freezing its assets. A decision on the takeover bid is expected this week.”

The article reviews the process going around Rustavi 2 TV station and Georgian Dream’s ‘plummeted popularity in the country.’

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28 October 2015 12:18