Protest Planned in front of the Parliament Today

The 'Shame on You' protestors plan a big rally today in front of the Parliament building from 7 PM. They will protest “the Government’s indifferent attitude towards public opinion, Gakharia’s becoming the Prime Minister”. The protestors believe that the ruling party is trying to show Georgian society that their social protests are senseless.

“On September 20, exactly three months since 'Gavrilov’s night', we will come out again and gather around the building of the Parliament to show that we are not tired, we are not afraid, and we are not going to keep quiet,” reads the written by the rally organizers.

The participants of the rally titled 'Together against One' wish to show the Georgian Government as well as the international society that they “want Western values, Euro-Atlantic integration and refuse Russian influence”.

The Facebook event of the protest shows that around 5 thousand Facebook users are interested in joining the rally.

Image source: Facebook page of the event.
By Nini Dakhundaridze

20 September 2019 13:00