British Experts Assess Georgian Wine

A group of eleven wine professionals from the United Kingdom, boasting sommeliers, wine importers as well as representatives of media has visited Georgia recently to discover the country’s traditional wines and its ancient viniculture. The visit has been organized by Swirl Wine Group, a contractor company of the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

Within the scope of the visit, the guests traveled to the regions of Kakheti and Kartli to meet with the local winemakers and taste various authentic Georgian wines directly on site. After returning to the capital city, the experts participated in the wine tasting process, where 27 Georgian companies were given an opportunity to introduce their products.

Levan Mekhuzla, Chairman of the National Wine Agency of Georgia stated that Great Britain is one of the largest importers of Georgian wine, thus representing a vital strategic market.

The National Wine Agency reports that the British experts evaluate Georgian wine as unique and state that the country is distinguished for its rich history of viniculture and diversity of grape varieties.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: National Wine Agency

27 September 2019 14:28