Rustavi 2 Declines Proposal From Temporary Managers

TV Company Rustavi 2’s temporary managers announced the transfer of management to the Deputy Director, Zaal Udumashvili.  

Revaz Sakevarishvili and Davit Dvali announced at a press conference that the corresponding decision has already been reflected in the Public Register.  

Davit Dvali says [they] refrain from entering Rustavi 2. According to him, as the current management has no authority to manage the company, [they] addressed the founders to name a person to put in charge.

Dvali said as [they] have already granted their authority to Zaal Udumashvili, Udumashvili is authorized to manage the company temporarily.

Following the announcement, Udumashvili refused to be temporary Director.  

Udumashvili said he is not a financier, and therefore is unable to take the corresponding responsibilities.  

“I would like to know why the confidential conversation has become public. I can confirm that I met with David Dvali upon his initiative. I explained the situation and told him that this struggle is carried out by the government and that he, Mr. Dvali, is a tool in their hands,” Udumashvili stated.

According to Udumashvili, David Dvali has not received his consent about managing the company. 

“I have consulted with lawyers and I know that without my consent and signature, that kind of document could not be registered. And so, the document is illegal,” Udumashvli added.

Udumashvili said he is the First Deputy Director General of Rustavi 2 with particular functions. 

“I head the channel’s information policy. I have no experience in finances and cannot take the responsibility, as the proper qualifications and experience are necessary for it,” Udumashvili said.  

12 November 2015 14:40