Tensions Rising in Sokhumi as Opposition Breaks into the Administrative Building

According to Abkhaz media, a number of the demonstrators who are protesting in front of the Administration building of the de-facto President Raul Khajimba, are trying to break into the building.

About 1,000 protesters are attending the anti-regime rally. There was also a physical confrontation between the Abkhaz law enforcement and protesters.

Shortly before, the so-called Supreme Court of Abkhazia started hearing of a cassation complaint relating to the lawsuit of the alleged presidential candidate, leader of the opposition party, Alkhas Kvitsinia. The lawsuit calls for the withdrawal of decision on the “election of the head of state.”

The second round of the so-called presidential elections was held in Abkhazia on September 8 last year. According to the de-facto election commission, Raul Khajimba got 47.39% and 46.17% of the population voted for Alkhas Kvitsinia. The opposition does not have confidence or recognition of the results of the elections and calls for its annulment.

Abkhaz society is slowly but surely realizing that the Moscow guided politics of their territory is detrimental and disadvantageous for them. Swindling elections and deceptive ruling are nothing new to any of these breakaway regions, adjacent to Russia. Sooner or later, the momentum of these political processes will unquestionably reach a culmination, where the Abkhaz populace will ultimately choose a European way of development, the one that Tbilisi will forever be ready to guarantee.       

By B.Alexishvili 

09 January 2020 17:07