Rustavi 2 Chief: Judge’s Decision a Legal Mess

Nika Gvaramia, Director General of Rustavi 2 called the new court ruling “a legal mess and fiction” yesterday. The court gave Gvaramia the right to rule the company again after initially calling for him to be replaced.

Gvaramia said the decision is “part of Tamaz Urtmelidze’s (the judge’s) pseudo judiciary.” Gvaramia questioned the urgency of the decision “when the Constitutional Court is considering the appeal.”

According to the Rustavi 2 chief, in spite of the new decision, Dvali and Sakevarishvili are responsible for the financial management of the company stating “I do not rule out that if Sakevarishvili and Dvali derelict their obligations, legal proceedings may start against them.”

Gvaramia claims they will have full access to the company’s bank accounts. He continued that [we] have no access and let “them” (meaning the temporary managers) take responsibility and perform their duties. “Otherwise the situation may turn into a criminal offense, as taxes will not be paid on time.”

Gvaramia concluded “I am not happy with all this and I’m sure Mr. Dvali was misled.” 

13 November 2015 15:01