State Security to Launch Investigation into IS-related People in Georgia

Georgia’s State Service may launch criminal investigations into several people allegedly having connections with the Islamic State (IS)

The Deputy Head of the Security Service Levan Izora declared an investigation has been launched as a number of web pages spreading propaganda for IS exist in the Georgian language.

As Izoria announced, [they] will address the court in the next few days to ban pages of such form.

“We have been conducting operative measures in order to find out who the most intensive users of the pages are. But in the next few days we will address the court to ban such pages,” Izoria declared, adding “we have reason to launch a criminal investigation on several people.”

The Deputy Head of the State Security Service also stated that information about Hezbollah leader Sayad Al-Bahad’s presence in Georgia is incorrect.

Izoria stated such a person has not crossed Georgia’s border. “We exchange information about potential and actual terrorists with our strategic partners. Such a name is not on the list provided by them. He has not crossed the border with falsified documentation. Therefore this information is really not true.”

17 November 2015 14:23