Tbilisi Recalls Ambassador to Ukraine as Zelensky Grants Saakashvili Official Post

On May 7, former president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was appointed the post of Chairman of the Executive Council of Reforms. This move by the Kyivan regime stirred controversy in Tbilisi, as the current Georgian establishment is trying to convict the ex-president. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia officially declared that it will summon its ambassador, Teimuraz Sharashenidze, from Ukraine for consultations. Although the Minister affirmed that Georgia does not seek to cut diplomatic ties with Ukraine or review strategic partnership issues, the partner country’s resolution to appoint an individual, convicted in Georgia, to a high-ranking position, raises questions. The Minister clarified that the Ambassador had been recalled in order to debate these issues and establish further steps to avoid a negative effect on the bilateral relations.

“Despite this regrettable decision, naturally, we are not considering cutting the diplomatic relations or reviewing the strategic partnership between the two countries as a further step, which is incompatible with the friendly spirit of our two nations, our common aspirations and our goals. With the involvement of the ambassador, it is necessary to determine what further actions are necessary to ensure that the current situation does not negatively affect bilateral relations, cooperation in various international organizations and, most importantly, joint efforts of the Euro and Euro-Atlantic integration," FM Zalkaliani said.

While the Untied National Movement (Saakashvili’s Georgian party) politicians praised the move by Zelensky and further pressured the current Georgian regime for meddling in foreign country’s affairs, Zelensky himself commented on the ‘chaotic’ situation which had followed his decision.

“We have great relations with the Georgian people. Despite everything, we are not going to summon our Ambassador to Georgia for consultations. […] I personally think that this is a mistake by the Georgian side. Also, after consultations, both sides will acknowledge that in any country the personnel and staff policy is only the business of that country and its people,” Zelensky said in an interview with ‘Nash’.  

By B.Alexishvili

08 May 2020 16:31