Associo - Levan Songulashvili's Artwork in Monograph Lounge

“Life is born from emptiness… When I take a look at a seemingly empty, static surface, I get the feeling of eternity, where the forms give birth to an idea, and vice versa,” says Levan  Songulashvili, New York-based well-known Georgian visual artist, who has created the first mural – Associo – in the hotel Monograph Lounge located on Freedom Square, Tbilisi, in so doing, adding new life to the hotel’s wall.

‘Associo’ is the first mural created by the Georgian artist. His mystical work is said to be like a puzzle from which many images can be assembled. The source of inspiration was a jellyfish: “The jellyfish – companion of my creative adventures, can only be perceived in an imaginary form: it is visible but I don’t see it. However, the painting process proves it otherwise: I can see it though it is not visible,” says the author.

“2020 started with the creation of the mural, ‘Associo,’ which is a painting-monograph that was produced at the hotel ‘Monograph’ in the form of an abstract surreal work, resembling a magic puzzle that can be used to put together multiple images. Perception and imagination trigger diverse memories in us, and are intuitively directed towards a series of associations. A person who is carried away by the feelings and inspired through the images becomes an author himself. I do not draw what I see, but draw in order to see," notes Levan Songulashvili.

The artist also created a book with the same title, ‘Associo,’ dedicated to the mural. It is already published, and the Monograph Hotel is planning to sell it through and several book stores.

“Excited about my 2nd art book 'ASSOCIO' (2020) published by Monograph Freedom Square. This is the second book after “STYX” (2018). The book mainly covers part of the old and mostly new artworks, recent painting series, installations, performances, and more; And most importantly, a monumental mural painting I made at the beginning of 2020, photographed by great Georgian photographer, Natela Grigalashvili. The book also includes my handwritten monographs for storytelling. Thanks for the amazing book design to Giorgi Dadiani,” the author wrote on Instagram on the book release. There are a lot of Cassava bingo sites for different tastes.

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12 June 2020 18:28