Georgian Prime Minister: No Special Expectations Regarding NATO

The Georgian PM has stated that they do not want to create any special expectations regarding NATO. Garibashvili said that this is on the recommendation of the Alliance Secretary General and partner countries.

“We are waiting for the NATO summit and don’t want to create any special expectations. The Secretary General and partner countries have recommended we not mislead the population in advance… We need to follow the events peacefully,” Garibashvili stated.

He continued that Georgia does all it needs yet is unable to decide on its NATO prerogative. Besides, the Georgian PM stated, “Georgia has fully completed all its commitments and the rest is up to the global situation.”

The next NATO summit will be held in July next year in Warsaw. Georgia’s defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli champions the notion Georgia to get the Membership Action Plan (MAP) or even more, the alliance membership itself. 

01 December 2015 14:05