Repair of National Library of Georgia Building has New 2016 Completion

Repair works are ongoing in “Building I” of the National Library and will be finished in 2016.

The Russian Books Fund has been closed since 2008 because of the dangerous conditions in the building and readers were not able to read the literature.

The Russian Books Fund will be taken into the new building during the repairs. The new building is located on 10 Nikea Street in Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia after the capital Tbilisi.  

The history of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia began in 1846 when the Tbilisi Public Library was founded by the Office of the Governor General. In 1848 the Public Library received the collections from the Private Associated Library, founded by famous public figure Dimitri Kipiani.

In 1914 the library was closed due to the construction of the new building.

From 1955 the Library was functioning under the name State Republic Library until 1990 when it was renamed the National Library of Georgia.

From December 25th 1996 it has been maned the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia (NPLG).

Since 1991 the NPLG has been a member of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). 

Nina Ioseliani

02 December 2015 17:28