Georgian PM: Increasing Energy Dependence Endangers Security

The 26th meeting of the Energy Charter Conference was held in Tbilisi.

According to Georgia’s Energy Ministry, the Conference discussed its priorities for the coming years, as well as its internal operational mode. The Conference also reported on its activities for 2015, including the future outlook from the Secretary General, Dr. Urban Rusnák, as well as the Working Group's perspective.

The European Commission also presented its Action on Energy Policy in Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia, while the partner countries called on a stronger involvement and full use of the potential of the Energy Charter, to trigger progress towards strengthening long-term energy policies in the region.

The Georgian Prime Minister, Irakli Garibashvili, stated at the conference that Increasing dependence on energy resources may endanger the world's economic development and national security of any country.

“That is why the main task of all states is to find new ways of energy diversification,” Garibashvili said.

During the Ministerial Session, titled Fostering regional cooperation through cross border energy trade, various ministers and heads of delegations from the Energy Charter constituency, as well as high level representatives from international organisations and the energy industry, exchanged views on how to provide a global forum for discussing the issues related to the promotion of regional cooperation through the cross-border energy trade, power market integration and investment into clean and sustainable energy.

05 December 2015 17:42