Abkhazia’s Participation in Athens Exhibition Misunderstanding

Georgian ambassador to Greece, Ioseb Nanobashvili explained that the organizing team of the Athens exhibition qualified the attendance of an Abkhazian delegation at the event as “an unpleasant misunderstanding.”

Nanobashvili told Georgian media they received a letter from organizers in this respect. He declared “they expressed regret for the incident calling it a misunderstanding, adding such events will not happen again.”

According to the ambassador, a more formal, on-topic response is expected from the organizing team of the exhibition stating “we have sent notifications to the Greek Foreign and Economic Ministries” adding “I am going to notify the local diplomatic missions of the fact.”

Nanobashvili continued that, following the incident they are preparing a letter about the measures and steps that will be taken by the Georgian government in case of similar incidents in the future.

During December 5th and 6th representatives of Abkhazia’s so-called trade-industrial chamber participated in the tourism exhibition in Athens, organized by a Greek company. 

09 December 2015 14:06