Defense Minister: Occupied Territories No Obstacle for NATO Integration

During an official visit to the US, Georgian Defense Minister Tinatin Khidasheli compared Georgia's breakaway regions with Germany divide during the cold war at the Center of Strategic and International Research in Washington DC.

“When Germany became a NATO member, the existence of the Democratic Republic of Germany did not prevent NATO integration. Abkhazia and South Ossetia are not “frozen conflicts” but territories occupied by Russia and recognized as independent countries by it,” Khidasheli declared.

The minister expressed that she believes Georgia will restore its territorial integrity while she is alive, “though it will integrate with NATO and the EU first.”

“Then we will become the European family member together with Abkhazians and Ossetians,” the minister declared. 

During her visit, Khidasheli also met with the U.S. congressmen, Mike Conaway, Mac Thornberry, Adam Smith, Jeff Miller and senators- Johnny Isakson and David Perdue.

According to the MoD, the U.S. congressmen and senators expressed interest regarding current developments taking place in Georgia and in the region in general. 

“They thanked the Georgian side for their contribution in maintaining international security.  Bipartisan support of Congress towards Georgia`s territorial integrity, sovereignty and NATO integration was highlighted during all the meetings,” the MoD stated.

The US-Georgia defense cooperation was discussed as well. Representatives from the Senate and the House of Commons expressed readiness to intensify working with the U.S Administration to assist Georgia in developing its defense capabilities.

“It is significant to update our friends in the Senate and in the House of Commons regularly. Our authorities dedicate much attention to it. It is impossible to be in Washington and not to devote several days to communication with our old and the most faithful partners.” Khidasheli said.

10 December 2015 12:49