WE’AR ART: Interview with Salle de Mode


October kicked off with a new collaboration for GEORGIA TODAY, seeing us partnering with WE’AR ART to interview Georgian designers, who make the local fashion scene what it is. This week, we present to our readers Salle de Mode, a label known for its the hand-made, innovative details and high-quality works. The creator behind the brand, Salome Amanatishvili, discusses with us Salle de Mode’s main idea, the importance of being individualistic, the similarities between her and those clothed in her designs, her conservative view of Georgian traditional clothing, and more.

How did your career as a designer kick off?

From my 2nd year of study at the Art Academy, I made my own line of bags and started small production, then slowly, I complemented this by adding clothing.

Where did you get your design education? How important do you deem professional education in making a designer?

From the age of 12, I studied at the art studio "1 + 1" under the guidance of Nino Mirianashvili, then I enrolled in and graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, specializing in modelling and leather haberdashery.

Have you taken part in any fashion shows?

Yes, a few, including the Kazakhstan Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Show Room in Paris – Benext with Sofia Tchkonia, MICAM MILAN, and SHANGHAI.

What is the main idea of your designs/brand?

Individualistic, unique designs and approach. Unfortunately, recent trends and fashion shows have shown us many similarities. Too many, I’d say. It is difficult to distinguish brands from each other: their collections are so similar. That is why I believe that individuality is the main message aimed towards the brand customer. That’s what I hope to give them and that’s the main goal of my brand.

What kind of person wears Salle de Mode and Salome Amanatishvili?

Well, since this is the person I create for, I imagine I share with her my emotional charge and character. I have this sense that maybe this person is at least a little like me because she’s clothed in my designs.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your business and designing style?

We’re coping well. The current situation hasn’t changed the brand vision or style. On the contrary, it’s been something of an incentive. I’ve used it as a stimulant to realize new ideas and set future goals.

What is the inspiration behind your works?

Inspiration is always different, no matter the season I’m working on. What constantly recurs in my designs though, are relief figures made of leather.

How do you view Georgian traditional clothing? Has it somehow inspired your designs?

Although I have used some Georgian traditional clothing-inspired details in my design, I think Georgian traditional wear is a totally different direction. I’ve something of a conservative view on that: I think a fully classic costume should only be created by those who work, and have experience working, specifically in this direction.

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By Nini Dakhundaridze

29 October 2020 18:01